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Honor Flight

Last Saturday I had the privilege and honor to receive veterans at the Dayton International Airport coming home from their Honor Flight. It was a very emotional experience for many people in that airport especially to the veterans returning home. Many of them did not have a heroes welcome when they came home back when they were returning from serving. This program is a give to the veterans, many who could not had seeing the memorials if it wasn’t for the Honor Flight. It is a very small thing to do for those people that have scarified so much for our freedom and the freedom of the world. Many veterans have died after the memorials were build without getting the chance to see them. This link is for the honor flight of Cincinnati, Ohio,  … 

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Saturday even Run as One

The link above is an article that channel 9 WCPO Cincinnati, Oh television station ran on Saturday about Run As one. This past Saturday a small group of veterans and veterans supporters met in Bellevue, KY to run together to support veterans and bring awareness to the community about the daily struggles of living with PTSD. The run was in honor to Clay Hunt one of the original members of team Rubicon who took his own life after suffering from PTSD.

This run takes places in many cities across the nation including Camuy, Puerto Rico. The video below is from Omaha, NE Run As One.

Veterans can registered with Team Red White and Blue, Team Rubicon, The Mission Continues, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, and Wounded Warrior Project. Non veterans or civilians can register with Team Red White and Blue and Team Rubicon.

I know there are way more veterans and veterans supporters in the Cincinnati, Ohio or try state area, it will be great to see this activity to grow to hundreds of veterans and more civilians. It will also be great to see the other organizations around Cincinnati taking part and come together for an common cause.

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Run As One

Today I got the chance to get together with members of Team Red White and Blue, Team Rubicon, and Wounded Warrior Project for a  5 miles run to celebrate the life of Clay Hunt. The event was held in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Clay Hunt was one of the original members of Team Rubicon who end up taking his life. In 2015 president Barack Obama signed into order the Clay Hunt Act, Public Law No: 114-2 (02/12/2015). Among other things the act is directed to improve or establish a mental health care and suicide prevention programs at the VA.

I invite all veterans and civilians that would like to take part on events like this to sign up. If you are military you can sign up with any of the organizations mention before, if you are civilian you can sign up with Team Red White and or Blue and Team Rubicon.


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Ways to serve and have purpose.

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I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone know who I am and why I am doing this. I am an OIF/OEF disabled veteran with friends who are also disabled. I have friends who have died in Iraq. This is the reason why I started this blog and commit to giving information to those who are service members and/or those who may know service members. For those of you who are civilians, I would like to give you the opportunity to learn about veterans and all that we have endured. I am passionate about changing the statistics. 22 veterans commit suicide per day. 307,000 veterans have died waiting for healthcare.

If I can stop one person from taking their life, if I can give one person the resource they need, if I can educate one person about the statistics, I will have succeeded.

I invite anyone with questions about me,  my purpose, or about a resource they need to contact me. If anyone has anything they would like me to post or share, please let me know. If any of you are working with an organization who share the same goal, please get in touch with me. If the information I provide does not apply directly to you, consider whether or not you know someone who may benefit from it.

If you are a veteran, I hope you can benefit directly from the resources I post. If you are the loved one of a veteran, my hope is that you will find resources to support you and your loved one. If you are a civilian, I hope you learn from the information I post and may find an organization you would like to give your time or money to.

The harvest is plenty and the workers are few – Matthew 9:37

This Saturday I will be participating in Run As One in honor of Marine veteran Clay Hunt, an original member of Team Rubicon who took his own life after battling PTSD and depression. I invite any of you in the area to join me.