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Finding Purpose PTSD

Many people think PTSD is the root of all mental health problems among veterans. This oversimplification is often reinforced by behaviors considered abnormal. One veteran I spoke with claimed to have stopped a dangerous driver, thrown him out of the car, and “gave him a life lesson.” Most people would accuse the veteran of needing anger management […]

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War experiences!

This movie shows some of the experiences we bring home from the war. These experiences are part of what can bring us to the point of suicide and homicide. The things we are exposed to, and what we have to do at war, de-sensitizes us. Once we take a life in the heat of battle, it becomes easier to take another life or one’s own life. Some warriors feel like there is no forgiveness for all the things they have done in battle or under orders. I’d like for civilians to see this movie to understand the chain of events that can cause a service member to do some of the things we end up doing after we get back.