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My care package. I have to be in a good place so I can help my fellow veterans

My care package to myself sending it to moms in Puerto Rico. That way I can go and have some me time in one of Gods greatest creation, The Atlantic Ocean. We have to take care of ourselves so we can continue helping others. #usa #military #veterans #navy #army #airforce #usmc

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Fearless Messengers

I’d like to announce the new Community Veteran Support group: Fearless Messengers. It is searchable under “Military” in Crossroads church groups. We meet once a month on a
 Tuesday from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. 

The group has 3 missions:

1. It is faith-based. 

2. It is an action group going into the communities.

3. It is a community to help one another with the aftermath of serving in the military. 

At our first group meeting, we had a member of the VA Suicide Prevention team talk to the group. At our second group meeting, we had a speaker from People Working Cooperatively. As a result of talking to PWC, we will have our first volunteer group activity on 11/18/18.

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Mental Health Education

This lady was amazing last night. I am going to tried to make a venue for her to come speak and educate the #usa #veteran community around me. #military. She is spearheading all kinds of research on PTSD.

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Mental Health Presentation

Let’s get equipped to help #usa #veterans and even civilians with #mentalhealth problems. Every little bit helps. #military #army #navy #airforce #usmc #marines #mentalhealthawareness

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Suicide Prevention

Ocean Conference trying to continue pushing #Gods’ project forward. To save #usa #veterans with No Warriors Left Behind. #army #navy #airforce #usmc #marines #military

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Mental Wellness for Veterans.

Join me and lets go and lean how to coop with the stress of life after being in the war, Iraq, Afghanistan or Syria. RSVP to save a seat.