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Free app with a free book.

No Warriors Left Behind 1


Check out the app: No Warriors Left Behind. Now downloadeble on IPhones and Android. 

Helping prevent suicide among veterans. Because ONE suicide among veterans is too many.

The free book is located under PTSD Facts

2 thoughts on “Free app with a free book.

  1. Had trouble getting the app. Apple app did not find the app through search 😕 I kept trying things and finally downloaded it from the blog, I think. Some articles on the blog are longer than a paragraph […] and the rest of the story doesn’t open. Some of the issue may be with my FB tech knowledge but suggest you take a kook at these. Great idea to share your process. There have been time when I think I experienced PTSD from my time in Vietnam but am really interested in your references to see if I can help my son who experienced a near fateful wreck that turned their lives upside down. Keep up the positive work. AF Vietnam 68-69

    1. I am sorry you are having trouble with the download and thank you for letting me know. I just tried on my Apple store and I was able to pulled it up. May be give it a little time and try again. Thank you for your service, God bless you

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