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Free Life Saving App

FREE mobile application for suicide prevention.

This is the most important part of the app I think. In the moment of despair or desperation we are not going to remember to dial 800 274 8255 and press 1 on tap of it all. In those moment dialing a phone number is the furthers thing in our minds. With 3 taps we can be connected to a person. Tap on the red phone, tap on the phone number, and tap call we will be connected to a life person who happens to also be a veteran that will help us right away. I personally called them and they are very nice and knowledgeable. It is really refreshing to speak to another veteran in a time of need.

Like I mentioned before, the app is not only for veterans but all those that want to help prevent veteran suicide. Even if you don’t have a veteran near you knowing about the app and how it can help is useful in case you encounter a veteran or a veteran in distress.

For an Android Device they should be redirected to:

For an iOS Device they should be redirected to:

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