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PTSD Facts in mobile app

In this tab you can find some general information about PTSD and some other links for more information. You can also find a FREE book, Making People Change by Dr. Steve Rose. The book is not a PTSD but it has useful information to deal with people with mental health. Dr. Rose is a Dr in sociology and he has a blog where he presences the effects of society on PTSD.

7 thoughts on “PTSD Facts in mobile app

  1. How can I download the PDF? I don’t see a link.

    1. Do you use android or Apple?

      1. I’m on an HP PC. I have Adobe, but nothing on the page appears as a link for me.

    2. If you have android you can look for the app by the name. Use this if you have iPhone;

      1. That did it! Thank you.

    3. Did you find it?

      1. Got it. Thank you very much.

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