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4th of July and veterans suffering from PTSD

Please mindful of those veterans around you and the fireworks. For some of us it is still very traumatic to hear loud sounds that would remind us of combat. I am not saying do not celebrate with firework just be aware that some veterans could be upset from the noise. The worst case scenario would be that a veteran comes out of his house shooting his weapons. God Bless America and those that keeps it save.



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Facilitating Change This information can be useful to help a love one get help for PTSD.

We all know a friend or loved one who needs to make some changes in their life. We have often tried to offer this person advice and tough love, feeling powerless as they head down a road to self-destruction. We have often heard that we can’t change other people, but it is too difficult to […]

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Helping veterans in the community 

This is a picture of our 2nd event helping a fellow veteran move. This was an effort put together with the help of Team RWB. We are trying to bring members of multiple organizations within our community (Team Rubicon, TVCA, Team RWB) together to help veterans. There seems to be a need for household-type services such as moving, painting, and minor repairs, without organizations assigned to address these specific needs. We would like to continue to do more of these projects, as our group continues to grow in number. If anyone in the Cincinnati area would like to be a part of this group, please email me at

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Military Betrayal, Civilian Isolation

Many people think PTSD is the root of all mental health problems among veterans. This oversimplification is often reinforced by behaviors considered abnormal. One veteran I spoke with claimed to ha…

Source: Military Betrayal, Civilian Isolation

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Living with Uncertainty

“I have devoted my life to uncertainty. Certainty is the death of wisdom, thought, creativity.” – Shekhar Kapur Both life and death are journeys into the unknown. We put faith in all-knowing gods a…

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Myths About Suicide

Suicide is one of the most stigmatized acts, yet those who die by suicide are those who needed our assistance the most. This post will debunk some of the common myths about suicide, based on the re…

Source: Myths About Suicide

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HCC, Honor, Courage, and Commitment

Image result for pics of veterans / civiliansImage result for pics of veterans / civilians

Check out this organization it may be what you’ve been looking for.