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OIF/OEF, Afghanistan Bonus




I like to share with OIF/OEF and Afghanistan Ohio resident veterans that you may qualify for Free money (bonus) from Ohio Department of Veterans Services. Whether you are a veteran in need or no if you qualify you can get financial help. I didn’t know about this until I was fired and couldn’t find a job. At that time, it felt good that someone was going to help me. It gets ugly when you are down and out and it seems as if no one cares about you. There is an application you most complete, have it notarized and return with a copy of your DD214. It is a only onetime benefit. I applied for it and received $500.00 for my service.  I encourage all OIF/OEF and Afghanistan veterans to apply. Let them tell you that you don’t qualify that way you don’t have wonder if you do qualify.

Click or copy and paste the link below and complete the application.



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